Între 1902 şi 1912, Giovanni Papini scria o serie de eseuri ce-au fost publicate sub numele 24 Cervelli. Primul astfel de eseu se numeşte Necunoscutul iar o parte din el e mai jos (am găsit cartea în traducerea lui Ernest Hatch Wilkins):

„But with the approach of modern times, when the stupid craze for signature came in, the Unknown Man ceased his activity, and was content to rest. An immense throng of vain fellows, of men who had a name or sought to make a name, began to paint, invent, carve, write. They had less genius than the Unknown Man, and they had also less modesty: they proclaimed to all the winds that they, and none but they, had done these things. They worked not only for their own joy or for others’ benefit, but that the world might know that they, and none but they, had done the work. (…) Under the names of Mob and People he frightened kings, overthrew demagogues and resolved to turn the world upside-down.”

S-o fi trezit Necunoscutul?

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